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Barre Instructor by day, 

Cake Connoisseur by night

Caledonia, Michigan-Based

Hey there! I’m Alayna, a chocolate and peanut butter-obsessed baker from the Grand Rapids, Michigan area! I’m glad you’re here!


Baking desserts for others is my love language. What's better than a friend surprising you with chocolate chip cookies? I truly believe that food is meant to be shared with people you love and I'm honored to play a part in your special celebrations! From Butterfinger cupcakes to peanut butter cookies to Oreo Explosion cakes, I am HERE for it (and the necessary quality control checks of course :) ) Your mouth watering yet? Check out how Francine’s Sweets got started!


homemade sweets baked just for you


Fix your Sweet  Tooth

Like sweets? We’re going to get along well! If you’re looking for a delicious, homemade treat for a birthday party, baby reveal, wedding shower or simply to celebrate making it to the weekend, let’s chat! Check out my menu:

love notes

Alayna went above and beyond to make amazing creations for our daughter’s high school graduation party. With one quick conversation she had super ideas and made the most fun cookies to compliment our MSU themed party. The cookies were just delicious and so pretty. Alayna made fun oar cookies, I would have never thought of, inspired by our daughter being on the Rowing team at MSU. I am being sincere when I say these were not just good tasting cookies. They were special creations.

                                                          - Gretchen C

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